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Live the modern chic life in the heart of Panchgani

Project : Oakdale

Own a piece of the organic life in the calm of the picturesque Panchgani, amidst the great Sahyadri mountain ranges in the horizon. The confluence of modernity and pristine beauty, Oakdale is the synonym of modern sustainable lifestyle. Situated in a serene landscape, Oakdale is the perfect getaway home for the seeker and the achiever. Soothe your senses in the lap of nature, while having the comfort of a plethora of amenities at your disposal.

Conceived and crafted keeping the most luxurious yet clean living experience in mind, Oakdale is a premium villa project with luxury and convenience as the pivot. Each element has been designed to add value to the project and provide immense utility.

No more cramped and congested enclosures, connect with nature in this mellifluous piece or art that blends in with the concept of a clean, comfortable and convenient space to live.

Take a dip in your swimming pool, or enjoy a piping hot cup of tea in your balcony, or just take a stroll in the lush green garden walkways. Turn your backyard into an organic garden and grow your own organic fruits and vegetables. Enjoy space and comfort, with the assurance of the highest level of quality. Two floors of sheer craftsmanship, with each space designed with its purpose well in mind.

Be within the reach of popular tourist attractions such as the Krishna Valley, Mapro Garden and the Devil’s point. Enjoy the ferocious beauty of the famous Krishna river as it flows through the mountains and into the valley. Explore a wide array of activities from horticulture, to trekking, to strawberry picking while you stay in Panchgani at your Oakdale Villa.


Panchgani is 102 kms. from Pune and 250 kms. from Mumbai, which makes it an attractive and feasible weekend home away from the hectic suburban lifestyle crumpled in compact spaces. Its Table Land is a unique ‘natural

heritage’. Owning the title of Asia’s second largest plateau, it’s a flat land with great excursion avenues such as horse rides, a lake, several shopping stalls for the avid shoppers and much more. Oakdale will be your destination to let loose and unwind in the fresh air of the mountains and the tangiest fresh strawberries- a local attraction of Panchgani. Don’t miss out on the famous Strawberry Festival of Panchgani when you head to your Oakdale Villa in Panchgani, during the summer season. Explore the beauty of the hill station with your very own residential property in a tourist location! You would be able to isolate yourself from the maddening crowd of the city and rejuvenate, without having to take long trips or exotic vacations, with a vacation home at arm’s length. Wakeup to foggy mornings and a mellow and soothing chill climate that is perpetually refreshing. The great Oak trees in the vicinity are not only an eye candy, they are also beneficial for health. An appropriate location touching the main road, ensures a smooth road connectivity for residents while the premium amenities at the location would make you feel like a proud owner of a luxury property in Panchgani. Oakdale has a great valley view and is located just beside Hotel Ravine on the main road.

Come, be a part of the lifestyle, own a green and clean home for when the mountains call, you must go!

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