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Why Tectona Hills in Khopoli is a smart property investment choice.

Ever wondered about owning a home in the centre of nature, keeping all the hustle and bustle of the city away from yourself? If yes, we are excited to tell you that it’s now possible to make your thoughts true, even without spending too much.

Khopoli is a vibrant city surrounded by nature and away from chaos, promising a pleasant lifestyle and a significant rise in real estate in recent years. Tectona Hills brings you a mindblowing residential property in Khopoli with premium 2,3 BHK villas and amenities of a resort. Your lifestyle can now upgrade and evolve in one of Maharashtra’s most peaceful cities.

Here are some benefits of buying a property in Tectona Hills, Khopoli: 

Affordable Homes: Compared to Mumbai, Khopoli offers a lifestyle with affordability. If you’re tired of hectic city life and want to get some relief, you should invest in a second home. Tectona Hills is the perfect destination for your vacation home, and it offers not only a peaceful lifestyle but also a significant ROI on your investments. We can say it’s the best property investment in Khopoli. 

Connectivity: This city becomes the best to reach when it comes to travel. Khopoli is well connected with other cities like Mumbai via rail and roadways. If you’re working and have to travel to prominent cities like Mumbai and Pune, reaching and returning with less time and energy becomes very convenient. 

Surrounded by Natural Beauty: Nature has become one of the most prominent forms of luxury in today’s modern world. Earlier, it was just premium rooms and swimming pools, but today nature is also an absurd need. People usually visit hill stations for the peaceful environment and nature. Once you step in at Khopoli, the blue skies and greener surroundings will make you feel so amazing that you wouldn’t feel like returning to your existing home. 

A Perfect Tourist Destination: Khopoli synonyms itself with Vacation Spot. Many tourist destinations like Duke’s Nose, Zenith Waterfalls and even Adlabs Imagica are in Khopoli, which might become a perfect spot for vacations. Even Tectona Hills offers you the amenities of a resort which might excite you towards an adventurous life and make your every jiff filled with thrill and wonder.

Growing Infrastructures with excellent ROI

As of rapid development in recent years and even with significant capital appreciation, Khopoli has become an excellent landmark for infrastructure 

with a promise of ROI. The properties purchased ten years ago increased returns by 300-400 %. You can now even invest at Tectona Hills with a promised ROI. Tectona Hills provides NA plots and 2,3 BHK Luxurious Villas for rent and sale. Invest today at Khopoli for a better tomorrow.

Khopoli is a perfect choice for choosing second homes. Now you can live in peaceful surroundings and the lap of nature away from the city’s hectic life. Also, as everything is accessible here, Khopoli can become an excellent option for retired life. Even your adventure can boost when you step into the great mountains of Sahyadri. Everything at Khopoli is extraordinary, and your life can be too.



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What to buy? NA Plot or Agricultural Land: Pros & Cons

With increasing household revenue and awareness of investment in the long run, the importance of investing in plots/land has gone up marginally. Such investments also help a lot in providing tax benefits to the buyer. One such good investment is at Tectona Hills, where we have bungalow in Khalapur for sale. 

Now, people are often confused between agricultural land and non-agricultural land. What should one purchase? Following is some information about the same.

Agricultural land 

A piece of land dedicated to farming activities is known as agricultural land. Agricultural land is protected from other types of development on the property.  While some investors maintain such property as an asset, there is another group that uses the expanding organic food market to bolster their revenue. The market for these investors, often known as “agro-realty”, is expanding, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Cons of Agricultural Land 

  • Farming is difficult – One needs to have extensive knowledge about farming to start earning from it. Or an additional cost has to spend on manpower for farming activities. 
  • NRI can’t Purchase – NRIs aren’t legally allowed to purchase land in India under the Benami act. 
  • Land conversion is very hard – Converting land from agricultural to build residential buildings is a lengthy process. Rules and regulations are very hectic too.
  • Litigation reinforce – Legal proceedings can happen anytime. If clear title isn’t provided by the seller.
  • RERA approval – Agricultural land don’t get RERA approved for constructions.
  • Can’t get loan –  One can’t attain a financial loan on an agricultural land due to certain restrictions from authorities.

Non-Agricultural land 

If any development-related activity is carried out on a plot of land that renders it unsuitable for agriculture, the plot is referred to as “non-agricultural land.” Land declared non-agricultural could be used for urban development by the private sector or government institutions. Many go under conversion from agricultural land to non-agricultural but it is a lengthy process to do so.


  • Freedom to build – One can build any residential or commercial on non-agricultural land with necessary permissions from the government.
  • Can be used for various purposes – Either private or government sectors can use non-agricultural land for various purposes like canals, residential properties, etc.
  • Liquidity – One can easily convert assets into cash with such investments. It may take some time to convert but it is a viable option for future liquidity issues.
  • No encroachment fear – Non-Agricultural lands are free from encroachers because landlords have clearance certificates from authorities to build any development on the given land. 
  • Low investment high returns –  NA plots have a very low investment cost due to them being close to nature. Returns are high on such investments as the developments around the area affect the property cost positively.
  • Nature – Non-agricultural lands are usually situated very close to nature. Most buyers prefer to purchase land near flora and fauna.
  • Resort lifestyle – With no fear of encroachment, buyers can spend their vacation without any hesitation on such NA properties.
  •  Clear title – On purchase of non-agricultural plot one can get a clear title to build developments on the property.
  •  RERA Approval – NA plots get RERA approved without hassle. 
  •   Easy Loans – Loan approval becomes easy with NA plot. Restrictions on non-agricultural plots are far less as compared to agricultural loans.


Investing in non-agricultural land is one “Perfect investment.” When compared with agricultural plots, NA plots prove to be much more beneficial in all aspects. At Tectona Hills, we are 100% non-agricultural, which ensures that your homes stay encroachment free so that people can live without any hesitation. 

We have many Bungalow for sale in Khalapur at Tectona. Tectona Hills is located in the lap of nature. We have villas near Karjat built on non-agricultural lands.




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Second Homes at Karjat: Best place for Investing in Vacation Villas that promises Lavish stay.

Going to the office and working all day and night might take away all your peace and relief. This makes our lifestyle exhausting, which makes individuals search for a place that relieves them with luxury and calmness. The demand for second homes for weekends has been growing, making realtors develop second homes at popular vacation spots. The word “second home” arose when an individual, let’s say staying in Mumbai buys a property in Karjat or Panchgani or any other location which is far away from their chaotic life. Karjat has become one of the significant places near Mumbai, which might help you with luxurious 2,3 BHK Villas for your weekend. The growth in tourism and the development of various government projects have uplifted the real estate market here. Tectona Hills provides the perfect lavish stay for your weekend vacations with 2 & 3 BHK luxury villas in Karjat and over 50+ amenities. One can even invest at this resort property and get excellent returns on their investment.

The trend for buying second homes is boosting real estate rates, which benefits the buyer with incentives and tremendous returns on their investment. Second homes are generally affordable and offer luxury and also with amenities that complete our every need. Homebuyers invest in properties developed by renowned realtors as the rates are increasing gradually, so it is an excellent investment. Additionally, the second homes are well secured with a gated community offering maximum security to the residents. This also benefits middle-class families who wish to own a luxurious second home. 

Here are some top reasons why one should invest at Karjat

  • Lesser Crowd :

Karjat is surrounded by lush green. Thus, only visited by fewer families choose it because they want a peaceful weekend and relief. 

  • Best Connectivity: 

Karjat attracts second-home buyers with proper connectivities. Recently, a proposed plan for the Neral-Bhimashankar highway has been confirmed, which becomes an excellent mode of connectivity, reducing travelling hours for residents of Mumbai coming towards Karjat. Other proximities like airport and railway station which become a perfect medium for travelling.

  • Significant ROI:

Multiple projects are developing resort properties at Karjat and its nearby localities. Home investors can benefit themselves with high returns on their property if they wish to rent it.

  • Social Infrastructures:

Though Karjat is becoming an excellent vacation hotspot, it would also be beneficial if you choose to reside here and make it your permanent residence. With evolving social infrastructure, Karjat has seen many resorts, educational institutes, hospitals and even amusement parks.

  • Multiple Tourist Destinations: 

Karjat attracts tourists who are nature lovers because of its beautiful spots, which is the top reason for individuals to buy their second homes. Karjat has become a loved destination, even during monsoons, for trekkers and travellers. 

Karjat is not just home for tourism but even welcomes families who want to explore more than their daily routines. Tectona hills cater to such families with 2, 3 BHK Villas with the amenities of a resort and promise a premium lifestyle for your vacation. If you’re looking for a luxury bungalow on sale in Sudhagad, then Tectona Hills becomes the best option for you.





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How to Select Smart and Sustainable Homes for Your Real Estate Investment

When buyers purchase houses for investment or residential, their choice is significantly narrowed down to buying more environmentally friendly homes. These sustainable homes fulfil basic necessities but in an economical way. When it comes to investing in such smart and sustainable homes, you must see some factors before buying. Tectona Hills is an upcoming high-end resort with 2 & 3 BHK luxury villa projects. It is designed to allow an individual to experience a smart life in a sustainable way. 

Here are some factors that are to be considered before selecting smart and sustainable homes:

Less energy consumption:  Consumption of less energy is a significant factor in sustainable homes. Sustainable technology allows individuals to use less energy and complete their desired tasks in the same amount of time. Proper sealing of air ducts to prevent air leakages, using renewable resources for heating and cooling systems. Installed solar systems, energy-efficient lights and systems that generate energy from renewable resources like hydroelectric and tidal power. 

Low waste management: Designing houses in a way that focuses more on generating less amount of waste. Lowering a building’s carbon footprint and reducing landfill waste. Well-managed routing of sewage lines which is directed to sewage plants. Management of dry and wet waste segregation. These all can help make the environment healthier and safer.

Healthy Lifestyle: Sustainable homes are built to withstand pollution and contamination, and it is constructed in such a way that benefits your health. These homes offer healthy lifestyles in many ways, such as via amenities like reflexology paths, gardens, yoga-meditation zones and much more. 

Water conservation: Water is the most valuable resource. Developed and ongoing eco-friendly and sustainable homes have tried focusing more on conserving water resources. Systems like rainwater harvesting also become part of such projects. Even low-flow water fixtures use water as much as it was used before for the same purpose. Other water sources are also considered for the irrigation and sanitation process.

Advantages of Sustainable Homes:

  • Cost Saving: You can save your utility expense when you reduce your energy; switching to efficient light bulbs and appliances can help you maintain your budget.
  • Saving Environment: When you invest or reside in a sustainable home, you complete your duty to save the planet for a healthy future and for upcoming generations.
  • Better Health: When you invest or live in sustainable homes, you can avail many health benefits like saving yourself from the pollution of harmful gases and toxic substances. A green environment helps you overcome stress and improves your physical, mental and spiritual energies. 
  • A Long-term investment: When investing in an eco-friendly home, you should aim to keep it long-term. According to studies, it is said that selling sustainable homes results in significant returns. People are now looking more for environmentally friendly homes instead of “regular” ones. Everyone is becoming environmentally friendly, and developers have adapted to making these houses on a large scale. Your property is made of renewable materials, so it would have a great lifespan when well-maintained.

Tectona Hills is a great luxury resort near karjat, which is highly designed and made with sustainable resources. 2 & 3 BHK villa with greener surroundings is just like the cherry on the cake here. If you’re looking for sustainable and eco-friendly homes, this is the best place.














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Five things to consider for finding the perfect luxury villa

It’s everybody’s dream to buy a Villa for vacations or a farmhouse, where one can spend quality time after taking a break from a busy schedule. Unfortunately, main cities do not offer such luxurious private villas at a lesser rate, and only some are born with a silver spoon of forefathers. But now, there are numerous ways to add the luxury cloud to your life’s sky, which includes a private swimming pool, fitness areas, outdoor gaming spaces and much more. On the outskirts of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, Tectona Hills fulfils the dreams of everyone looking for 2 & 3 BHK luxury villas with top-notch amenities and the relaxed lifestyle one wishes for. It provides secondary homes for the ones who want to rejoice in vacation time or even during weekends and also for investors with a great return on investments.

Though, there are a few considerations buyers need to see while finding a perfect villa.

Features & Amenities

In the vector of requirements, you should see many things for features and amenities. Starting with a magnificent swimming pool, adequate spacious living area, playing area for children, and fitness zones. Everything one needs should be present at the luxurious villa and give you a serene and calm environment. Other features that can be seen are the Yoga zone, Game activities area and Clubhouse. Amenities that make you feel exclusively Luxurious are present at the Tectona Hills, and it promises to provide you with all the features and amenities mentioned above. 


Design is one of the essential aspects when looking for a luxury villa.

It should include overall design, i.e.architecture, landscaping, interior design and furnishing. All these factors come together and make the villa look exceptional. When you enter that villa, the walls, furniture, and even the ceiling should speak the aesthetic language of its structure and quality. The Architecture, Interior and everything at Tectona Hills is so aesthetically pleasing that it would give you a homely feeling.


Even if the villa passes the features mentioned above with flying colours, location is the thing which generally becomes a hurdle and ends the wander of searching for the perfect luxury villa. There might be a variety of requirements, such as proximity to specific locations and even landscape choices. But the priority is to find a villa with peaceful surroundings and a quiet environment. Because that is what second homes are all about to relax and chill, buying it in a noisy environment is pointless. The most popular locations are near mountainous regions and beachsides. Tectona Hills is located near the great Sahyadri Mountains, synonymous with hill station vibes. It would indeed be a vacation when you spend your chill time here.


So far, maintenance should be at the top when considering buying a villa. Nothing can be luxurious until and unless it’s not well-maintained. There might be requirements of time, energy and funds to maintain the villa, but you need to check how much time, energy, and funds it is consuming. It’s of no use if you’re spending more and staying less. You can also check if hospitality services are available in that area of your villa, and you can hire them to maintain your property. Tectona Hills works efficiently to keep their property well maintained and give you a fresh experience every time you come to reside.


Security also comes as a priority as it’s very obvious when you live in a luxurious home, you also own expensive things which might definitely need protection. Even if you keep those on secondary, you must keep yourself safe and secure. It would be a brilliant idea to install a high-end security system that will work 24×7 to protect you, your family, and even your valuable items. So, it must be top on the list to check the security systems before buying a luxurious villa. The security at the Tectona hills is designed with well-advanced technology and a manageable team.

There are many luxury villas for sale in Khopoli, and Tectona Hills, an amazing riverfront property, promises to deliver the perfect luxury 2&3 BHK Bungalows with the best view, which might satisfy your weekends and vacations with many amenities. Now it’s time to live the luxurious and elegant life you always dreamt of.

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5 Reasons to Invest in Navi Mumbai Real Estate This Diwali festival.


This Diwali, most of us get off time from work, and this is an excellent chance for us to give our family a treat. Diwali is the night of the new moon, and the new moon is generally meant for new beginnings. Diwali is an auspicious time, and its symbolization of celebration of victory or even the beginning of light. Every family’s dream is to buy a new home, and the house represents the light of our livelihoods. The beginning of the festival by buying is very auspicious and connects with the emotions of families.

  • Importance of Location

It is a well-planned city and one of the most popular areas for people looking for a new home. This location is an excellent place to buy bungalows in Navi Mumbai. The area is well-connected by railway lines and roads and has access to the largest airport in India.

  • Upcoming New projects

Navi Mumbai has a new infrastructure, abundant connectivity, and a business-friendly environment and is the next hot spot for investment. With upcoming new projects like International Airport, we can expect an influx of more customers that will buy bungalows. If you’re unsure about investing in real estate this Diwali, let’s go over some of the top reasons you should buy a property this season. 

  1. The infrastructure is incomparable. 
  2. Connectivity is excellent 
  3. You can find affordable living options in most areas of the city 
  4. There are plenty of government-approved lands still available for sale at a reasonable price (unlike other popular cities)
  5. Diwali is one of the best times to buy because many sellers are eager to offload their investments before moving abroad because of the festive rush. The best properties in Navi Mumbai include condos, villas, plots, and flats with many benefits that make them desirable for buyers looking to invest this holiday season. Along with attracting people from all parts of India and the world with its lively economic activity, it has also been ranked among India’s fastest-growing cities.
  6. It is a Cost-effective investment here now as prices remain stable despite high supply rates, but now there’s also an opportunity to purchase your dream home at below-market prices! Affordable – If you are interested in investing, now is the perfect time to start saving for your desired budget. Tectona Hills develops 1,2,3 BHK Secondary Home Villas in Navi Mumbai and at the base of numerous hill stations. The unique selling proposition of these villas is that they can be purchased as a secondary or vacation home by investors in the hope of generating a profit.
  • Properties at reasonable prices

1) The prices of properties are reasonable, especially with similar real estate markets such as Chennai or Pune. 

2) There is tremendous scope for development and growth of the city due to its proximity to the financial hub, Mumbai and even great cities like Pune too.

3) The airport is getting more flights from top airlines, and we will soon see an international airport. 

4) It’s close to the IT hubs of Thane, Bhiwandi and Kalyan, which are home to some of the biggest IT companies in India, such as TCS, Tech Mahindra, Wipro etc. 

5) Huge infrastructural development work is going on that promises better amenities and facilities. 

6) It’s straightforward to commute from Navi Mumbai because it falls within a catchment area of about 800 square kilometres (which includes major cities like Panvel, Alibaug, and Khopoli).

  • Conveniences around the Property

The area is surrounded by various schools, hospitals, parks, and temples like Adlabs Imagica, Pali, Sudhagad Fort, Angai Fort, Durshet Waterfall and Mahad Ganpati Temple. The property will be near the upcoming metro line, making it even easier for you to commute. Various amenities nearby, such as malls and multiplexes, make it a perfect place around nature for families. It is also close to railway stations and bus depots. The roads leading up to the property have excellent connectivity with other parts of India due to its proximity to Central Railway Station and the Western Express Highway.

You can now buy bungalows at low prices at Tectona Hills in 1,2,3 BHK Luxurious Villas with Private Swimming Pool,Clubhouse and extraordinary Amenities.

  • Social infrastructure that works well

Navi Mumbai is one of the most well-developed cities in India and has excellent social infrastructure. It is an ideal destination for people looking for high-quality education, healthcare, and entertainment. The city also has a thriving local economy and provides ample job opportunities for skilled workers. If you want to invest your money, you should consider buying property here.







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What Amenities Are Included in the Real Estate Projects Available in Navi Mumbai ?


Long back, there was a time when Navi Mumbai was considered a satellite city of Mumbai , but after the year 2020, the city has boosted, and many effective changes have been observed in that era. The city’s success has been celebrated for its incredible growth over recent years, making it the second-largest settlement in MMR, in terms of population.

Navi Mumbai is a partial part of the Raigad district, filled with beautiful nature that consists of the Arabian Sea and the ghats of Sahyadri.

There are many ongoing developments which emphasise the city.

The government has been appointed to develop a smart city and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO). This new city will cover up 40 villages across four talukas of the Raigad district. It is also planned that 40% of the city would be under Residentials and commercial and 60% would be for industries. Also, the much-awaited Mumbai Trans-Harbour Link(MTHL)

The first kind of trans-harbour link in India will be commissioned by 2023.

On the other hand, have you ever thought about what kind of amenities we can experience in the building and villa projects of Navi Mumbai?

But before stepping into the amenities section, let’s know some qualities and features of this area.

  • Cost-friendly houses: Navi Mumbai is a platform for many new real-estate projects; many top developers are making houses from Rs.5000 – 19000 per sq. ft with great amenities, making it one of the best cities in India.
  • Best Locality and less population: When it comes to cleanliness and hygiene, Navi Mumbai comes at the top of the list; all credit goes to the residents of Navi Mumbai and the government. Also, Navi Mumbai got the 12th Rank for “Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan” by the Union Ministry of Urban Development and the Quality Council of India.
  • The airport in progress: NMIA is the international airport that will soon be on land on the lands of Navi Mumbai, and after its completion, the price of properties will reach the sky.
  • Better Connectivity: This city connects with many parts of the other cities as well, as the Mumbai-Pune express highway starts from Kalamboli in Navi-Mumbai, and this city is considered as the entry point of Mumbai.
  • Perfectly Planned: This city has been made perfectly with proper planning to prioritise environmental needs. It also includes beautiful parks and gardens, mountain terrains and almost green everywhere.

Amenities we find in such projects:

There are a number of real estate firms constructing Secondary Home Villas in Navi Mumbai and at the base of numerous hill stations. The unique selling proposition of these villas is that they can be purchased as a secondary or vacation home by investors in the hope of generating a profit.

Indoor Amenities: 

  1. Grand Lobbies: A spacious hall gives you a grand 5 Star Resort type feeling. You and your family can wait, chill, and enjoy this space, and kids can enjoy their fun time.
  2. Banquet Halls: Make your celebrations brighter with the vibrant colour in the atmosphere. This is where you can host your parties, meetings, festivals and much more. 
  3. Health Clubs: Improve your physical activities and step into fitness here. Health Clubs are designed in a way to make you reach your fitness goals.
  4. Restaurant: Many projects now include in-house restaurants to give their customers a feeling of comfort with delicious food. You can enjoy quality time with friends and family at breakfast, lunch and dinner and experience various cuisines.

Outdoor Amenities :

  1. Private Swimming Pool: Each Project is now done with planning that includes a luxurious swimming pool. You can delve into that blue water and make your stay-cation more lovely.
  2. Marriage Lawns: The open sky place where many festivals can take place, including the unity of two souls. These lawns are very spacious and make you experience peace.
  3. Basketball and Cricket Courts: The perfect place for all sports freaks, you can get real experience of these sports and boost up your inner athlete.
  4. Amphitheatre: Experience the open-top view of any social events like you experience in the movie theatre. Here one can sit with friends and family and enjoy many shows like magic shows, dramas and cultural activities.

You can experience all the fantastic amenities at Tectona Hills; it is a premium luxury resort amidst nature and Sahyadri Ranges with 1,2,3 BHK Villa at Khopoli Pali Road. Here, all amenities are developed to give a user a natural experience.



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Why is Investing in Khopoli a Great Idea?

Khopoli, a town in Navi Mumbai, has recently been the center of attraction for all real estate investors. The constant market price with industrial projects, more numbers of ready residentials with connectivities has made attraction in micro-market, making it a potential place in Navi Mumbai after Vashi and Nerul.

The Industrial Town is situated in Navi Mumbai, surrounded by the Western Ghats and Patalganga River. Zenith and Duke’s Nose are attractive waterfalls in the locality. As business growth is seen, the residential side of Khopoli has also experienced an increase in its rate in 4-5 years. Nearby to Mumbai, especially after Suburban rail networks were built, and Pune is connected via NH4, greatly supporting growth.

In Khopoli, top real estate developers offer affordable and profitable luxurious properties in flats and villas available in 1 BHK, 2 BHK and 3 BHK sections. There are many Lands for sale on Khopoli Pali road. Tectona Hills has extraordinary Luxurious Resort Villas with a Private swimming pool, Gym, restaurant, steam & spa and much more.

Factors that influence real estate investment

Khopoli is around 80kms south of Pune and Mumbai, two major cities on the west side of India. As it is situated in an excellent location, it has grown into a rich and diverse town in Navi Mumbai. The smooth roads are a plus point here, but here is something more which adds that Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation aims to build a metro line between Thane-Ghodbunder routes. This improves the connectivity in the town, and you can avail of CSM International Airport, which is 80kms away from Khopoli.

This town is widely known for its resorts and many fun places. Also, many critical industrial companies like Khopoli Industrial Estate and Universal Industrial Estate are nearby. Manufacturing Factories like Rasayani MIDCS and Lonavala Industrial Estate are just within 15-20kms from the town. These businesses contribute to the demand for residencies in Khopoli. This town helps its residents with community feeling and belonging to the society.

Even after being an industrial region, Khopoli is widely known for its vacation and weekend place for residents of Mumbai, Pune etc. Especially Job people or young business owners. These people come here to escape from their daily life routine to relax and feel peace with a pinch of nature. As we know, the real estate rate is cheaper, so you can expect good investment returns. You can even invest at Tectona Hills, where 1,2,3 BHK Villas with Private Swimming pools and expect great returns. This city even works for residents thinking about retirement around here; everything is chill and peaceful.

In conclusion, Khopoli is a great town to invest in real estate because of its outstanding capital returns and fast expansion in the Navi Mumbai region.

Major residential projects launched in recent years come under a reasonable cost range, i.e. under 45 lacs. From 2017 to 2021, around 5760 apartments have been made in the town, out of which 44% of infrastructure is ready for residents, 14% will take a time of 1 year to prepare, and the remaining would take time of 2-3 years for completing their construction.

This has dramatically impacted the real estate industry of Khopoli, where only 1370 apartments are left unsold.



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Luxurious Grand Resort Near Adlabs Imagica

Adlabs Imagica, India’s First International Theme Park in Khopoli, is attracting not only Indians but tourists from all over the world, including senior citizens. It is one of the prominent theme parks in India, which caters to people of all generations. Adlabs Imagica has become famous for its 21 attractions comprising India’s largest rollercoaster and 4D simulation rides. 

Near Imagica at Khopoli, the grand luxurious resort of Tectona Hills of 60 acres (Gated Community) by S.V. Infratech is raising the bar with exclusivity. How? 

Let’s know further about it. 

Tectona Hills defines luxury in actual terms. Our resort has best-in-class 10+ amenities, offers excellent connectivity and is surrounded by a tranquil and blissful environment. Thus, it is a perfect place for weekend getaways with family and friends. 

Now, let’s have a look at its first-class amenities. 

Prime Luxurious Amenities in Tectona Hills are as follows: 

  • Health Club – To keep your family fit and healthy on vacation, a health club is essential and a part of a luxury amenity. We have a spacious health club with a spatial layout and design that inspires tourists to join and take care of their health.
  • Spacious Lobby – The lobby is a large room, usually referred to as the foyer or entrance hall. It is one of the important amenities as it offers a deluxe and comforting place for family, friends, community, etc. to gather, relax, gossip and chill.
  • Grand Clubhouse – We have 4 acres of the grand clubhouse as an outdoor amenity which serves as a recreation arena and the best place to have fun, play multiple games and utilise the time in the best way possible with your friends and family.
  • Riverfront Garden – Our resort also has a riverfront garden of 2.5 acres. It is a region along the river, giving you the opportunity to enjoy both greenery and the pleasant vibe of the river altogether at one place, at one resort, in Khopoli.
  • Twinkle Island – For camping and some exciting, adventurous activities, our resort has twinkle island, thereby making our resort a one-stop destination for perfect weekends with your friends and family.
  • Gazebo – Our resort has a gazebo which is a freestanding roofed structure with open sides for a pleasant evening, family gatherings, and dining activities and can even act as a wedding venue for exchanging vows or even for a reception as well.
  • Indoor Swimming Pool – Life is great by the pool. Swimming refreshes the mind and mood instantly. Our resort has a first-class pool with extra comfort and convenience. As it is an outdoor amenity of our villas, it is private and open to only family staying over there, thereby improving one another’s bonds and interaction.
  • Dam (Waterfall) – Apart from a swimming pool, our resort has a beautiful dam as an outdoor amenity, connecting tourists to the natural beauty and giving them inner happiness.
  • A Walk-in Closet – A closet is an essential part of the bedroom. Our resort has a large spacious closet area so that you can design your closet the way you want for your large apparel collection without worrying about space and thereby focus more on your vacation.
  • Banquet Hall – It is one of the prime luxurious amenities. We have a magnificent party hall surrounded by a serene atmosphere for hosting special family functions and weddings, with a capacity of hundreds of guests, thereby giving you a vibe of a deluxe and comfortable lifestyle.
  • Children’s Park – Children are a crucial part of a family. A luxury resort without a place for them to play, chill, and have fun would not be fair. So, considering the children’s needs and convenience, we have a beautiful and children-friendly park in our villas.
  •  Indoor Restaurants – Whether you are with your date or with your family or friends, indoor fancy, beautifully decorated, aesthetically pleasing restaurants with a large area and capacity to serve many people with high-quality food are also important. So, keeping all this in our mind, we have a variety of cuisines available at our restaurants, catering to all tastes and preferences of different regions.